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Measure inbound links, traffic, social sharing, and conversions generated by your content.
PR Automation to make sure the right people see your content.
Slack Notifications when awesome things happen. You just got mentioned by TechCrunch!
Free to use!
(track up to 20 articles)

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Tracker is the tool we use at Priceonomics to measure our content. We love it and we hope you do too.

For a given article, we track inbound links, traffic, conversions, social sharing. You only make what you measure, right?

Here’s our favorite part: Tracker integrates with Slack.

Find out when awesome things happen right away.

Editorial calendar and content project management tools.

A/B test titles and blog post ideas to lift performance.


How does Tracker work?

Tracker syncs with Google Analytics, social APIs, and the Priceonomics web-crawling API to figure out the performance of your content.

How much does Tracker cost?

Tracker is a free measurement tool for up to 20 articles!

What if you really like Tracker and want to track a lot of articles? Tracker basic costs $49 / month and includes tracking of up to 250 articles. Need to track more than 250 articles? Contact us for more information.

Should I try it?

Of course you should! It’s free to track up to 20 articles and only takes a few minutes to set up. Tracker creates instant accountability for content marketing.

Check out the demo to see Tracker in action with live data from the Priceonomics blog!

What do I need to get started?

The only hard requirement is that your site uses Google Analytics so that we can get basic pageview data. A company Slack account and a Twitter account will unlock more capabilities!

If you make content, you might as well track how it’s doing.

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